Wednesday, 11 December 2019

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Current Events

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia will end gender entrances. By this, I mean that they are going to stop using female entrances, Male and family entrances into resturants. The law will mean only one entrance is needed. Resturants are already ignoring this rule. Since Mohammed bin Salman was elevated to crown prince in 2017, he has made changes to laws to change Saudi Arabia’s extremely conservative views. Earlier this year, a royal decree allowed Saudi women to travel abroad without a male guardian’s permission.

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Current Events

World's youngest Prime Minister

A Finnish politician is set to become the world’s youngest prime minister. Sanna Marin, Finland’s 34 year-old transportation minister, is to be sworn in as prime minister of Finland next Tuesday. Sanna Marin told reporters that she has “a lot of work ahead to rebuild trust.” Marin is not the only leader in her mid 30. We have our Prime Minister Jacinder Adern and many more leaders in there mid 30's.

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