Monday, 27 August 2018

Digital Immersion

Today we had a session work with Garry from Digital Immersion. He taught us how to programme a robot to move from one place to another. We used a special language that robots use to deliver messages, the special name of the language is named Binary. My group had a lot of fun because we got to use the iPad to control the robots. But in the beginning it was really challenging because most of the robots were running into each other most of the times, it looked like most of us were struggling to cope with people in there way. At the end of the day, room 10 had fun and returned back to class with smiles on there faces. I will want to definitely go back to learn more about Digital Immersion.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Human Knot

Today 21st August 2018, Rm 10 had Kiwi Can in Rm 12. It was really fun because for our activity, we played a game named human knot. The game was basically, we had to hold someones hand across you and try to untangle yourself without letting go of there hand. My group was very funny because every time we were untangled, we would end up having two different circles. At last Rm 10 went back to class with enjoyment and happiness.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Glow in the dark with Mrs Tofa

Today we learnt about how things glow in the dark. One of the experiment that we did with Mrs Tofa was when each student got to chose what kind of shape they would want to glow in the dark. After watching our shape glow in the dark room, each student had to return to class and write about what they had saw in the dark room. After morning tea each house was given one different highlight ink to put in their plain cup. As we squeezed the highlight ink into the plain cup, we then went back to the dark room to see what would happen if Mrs Cards Purple taped highlight flashlight would actually make the cup with the highlight ink glow.

½ cup of water in a clear cup
Purple & Blue cellophane
Blue and Purple sharpie

1. Dissolve highlighter ink in ½ cup of water and leave it to absorb
2. Cover the torch with purple cellophane then blue (first form of light)
3. Cover torch with tape and colour with blue sharpie, tape again then blue again, tape then colour using purple sharpie (2nd form of light)
4. Go into a dark room and shine the light on the cup of coloured water

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

My Holiday

Guess what I did in the holidays?

In the holidays, my family and I had choir practice for church. A few days later, I had to help my mum prepare for family dinner. The second week of holidays, my family took me to the shops. But? I had to walk because we had no ride. It was fun but I was really exhausted because it was very hot. Then on Saturday, my family and I went to KFC to have dinner. Finally on Sunday the last day of school holidays, I went to my old church to perform an amazing song to the audience at church.

I thought that spending time with my family was fun and enjoyable. Seeing my family have a great day just made me feel more happy.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Acrostic poem about my name

Cares about others when they are sad
Adorable sometimes
Never gives up on
Doing things that
I’m scared of.
Cares about people in need.
Encourages others to keep on trying their best.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Book Day

Book day

Today Glenbrae school dressed up as there character from
there favourite book. In the morning our first program
for the day was our presentation about what we learnt from
the book. Before we presented our
presentation, classes one by one walked in circles to show what
they were wearing as their character from the book.

After we had finished our first program in the morning, we
went back to class to have morning tea. When
morning tea was finally over, Glenbrae school
gathered back to the hall, to present there poems. We presented our
poems in these orders, room 1,4,5,9,10 and finally 7.

When lunch time was over Glenbrae school gathered back
to the hall one more time to see a wonderful performance
about the book. It was really fun to see them perform in front of the school
because their acting made me laugh so much
that I couldn't stop laughing.

I felt very happy because, my favourite part about
the three activities during the day was when classes were reciting their poems.
My most favourite class was listening to room 10 recite their acrostic
poems on stage. Even tho I was on stage introducing Francesca from Room 10.