Friday, 3 March 2017

Water pollution

What is water Pollution
  • To many environment is unhealthy
  • Between ( 8 or 4 ) is unhealthy
  • A measurement of hundred is ridiculous.
  • Please if your see rubbish getting into the drain please grab it and chuck it in the bin because it is so unhealthy to be in the drain.
  • Environment in the sea,Plastic bags,Paper,Ropes,Bottles,Nappies.
  • The pacific garbage?
    • Most of the turtles die because of people chucking rubbish in the sea.
    • Most animals in the sea die because of all the rubbish that new Zealand has chucked in the sea.

Soil Erosion and Conservation.

All about me

All about me

Hi my name is Candice.
I am a Year 6.
I go to Glenbrae School.
I love P.E because it makes me stronger.
My favourite subject is writing because I enjoy working on different writing projects.
My favourite fruit is juicy watermelon.
My favourite food is sausages and yummy tomato sauce!
My hobbies are singing - I really love singing at home.
My House colour for school is Nikau-blue because there is a tree called Nikau.

Friday, 24 February 2017

PAT Listening Test

Today Room 10 Student had there PTA Listening Test. We had to use headphones because if we don't then it will be loud .It was fun because we listen very carefully and it was so silent and enjoyful with room 10 students and Mrs Addcock.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Maori word for the week

Manaakitanga - respect othersNoa - safe at home and school
tiaki - to care for family

Image result for to care for familyImage result for safe at home and school
Image result for keep calm and respect other