Wednesday, 26 July 2017

State of Matter

Today we learnt about solid, liquid and gases. Next we got chocolate and put it on the paper, the chocolate was cool but then turned into a solid. It was really fun being in Room 8 because it is very important to learn about Solid, liquid and gases.

This is a photo of when My group made chocolate.

Friday, 23 June 2017

What happened?

                                    What happened

Characters: ( Mum )Sasha, ( sister )Naomi,  ( brother )John, (Next Door Neighbour) Stephanie

One night on a freezing winter day, Naomi was at home alone cooking her delicious rice. Then she had to go and get ingredients from the store but left the rice on. When Naomi came back from the store, the kitchen bench was on fire.

Next she dialed 111 to come as fast as possible. When Sasha and John came back from the doctor's , John smelt something burning from the kitchen, when he walked in Naomi was pouring water on the fire. The water just made it worse!

When the Stephaine saw the fire from the kitchen window, Stephaine came out of the house to see what's going on to help Naomi. Naomi  was so scared that she might ruin the kitchen. Bench. .

When the fire department got there the fire was already out. Sasha was so mad that she thought the house was gonna be on fire. Then mum said “why did you leave the rice on!”, “i just needed to go get something to make dinner and i thought by the time i get back it is gonna be cooked?” Naomi said..

At the end of the fire Naomi went and apologised to Mum and said sorry it won’t happen again. After the fire Sasha was so sad that she was thinking why did she leave the rice on. But lucky mum was happy because the fire didn't spread every where in the house.

BY: Candice

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Scariest night

                     The scariest night of my life

Characters: Mum ( Mary ) Sister ( Vai ) Friend ( Loma and Gemma)
Setting: Outside on the streets

One night on a winter cold day Mary and Vai walked to the shops to buy bread. It was only 5 mins walk to the shop. While they were walking, they were nearly close to the shop and it was only 3 mins before they got there.

When they got near the shops a stranger came from the back with a knife and choked Vai. The stranger came behind to ask for money. Then Mary called Loma and Gemma which were their friends. When Loma and Gemma arrived they got a bat and chain and tried to scare him away.

Next he got scared and ran away. But Loma and Gemma nearly called the cops on him because they were really scared of the stranger. After scaring the stranger away, they went to the shops to buy the bread for dinner.

When they got home they were talking about the scariest night of their lives. After that they said that they will go in car instead of walking to the shops anymore.

The End

BY: Candice