Friday, 23 February 2018

Important Schools in the Community

Why are Schools Important in the Community.

School Halls is a important place in the community
to use in the weekends because Birthday, Sports, Practises, Skids
and Meetings can happen in the hall.

Also schools have swimming pools for students to have
swimming lessons. But can be booked for those who wants to
swim in it.

The court is also Free for coaches and family’s who
wants to use the court like Family Reunions and Family sports.

School Library is a silent place for people who wants to
read books in their own free time.

Finally the school car parks can be used for fundraiser and
school car washes for camp.

Friday, 16 February 2018

2 Weeks Term 1

                                                  Two week term 1

I felt happy coming back to School because
I Miss doing Duties and Homework.
I even felt sad because I Miss looking after
my Nan every day and doing what she
wants me to do like cleaning up the house,
doing the dishes, cleaning her garden
and walking to the shops to buy my Nan something to eat.

New Event

                             New Event
  • Swimming
  • Toitoi
  • Assembly
  • Water fun day
  • Music
  • Kiwi can
  • Kiwi Sports
  • Softball Tournament
  • Soccer
  • Trips

Term 1 Goal

                                       Term 1 Goal

My Goal for term one is to be on task,
Do singing and to do Sports to represent Glenbrae School.
My other goal is to set an
example in class to the year 6.

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